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Satellite Events will be held before or after the IBRO 2019 World Congress, 21 - 25 September, 2019. For those who are interested in organizing the events, please fill-up the application form below and send it to

Regarding facility reservation, please check the details in "meeting facilities information" and contact them directly. *Please note that the rooms are subject to availability.

IBRO satellite for International Sport Neuroscience Conference (hosted by Japan Sport Neuroscience Meeting / JSPFSM)
  • Organizer NameHideaki Soya
  • Organizer AffiliationDepartment of Sports Neuroscience, Advanced Research Initiative for Human High
    Performance (ARIHHP), Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan
  • Organizer E-mail
  • Host OrganizationJapan sport neuroscience meeting / JSPFSM
  • TopicSport neuroscience
  • Event TypeMeeting
  • Event NameIBRO satellite for International Sport Neuroscience Conference
  • Day/Time2019/9/18 (PM) – 2019/9/19 (AM)
  • Place Tsukuba City, Japan / International Congress Center EPOCHAL TSUKUBA
  • How to attend? Open to public
  • No. of Participants100
  • DescriptionThe aim of the Satellite is to share current topics with researchers who are engaged in work related to neuroscience research on exercise and sports based on behavioral neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience and neuro-rehabilitation, together with those in fields of physiology, biochemistry, health fitness, and so on. The following are some potential focuses: How do exercise and sports impact brain functions and health? How does exercise contribute to reducing neurodegenerative diseases? What role do brain functions play in exerting human high performance?
    Our committee is comprised of following members: Prof. Pierre Magistretti (KAUST, EPFL, IBRO’s President); Prof. Junichi Nabekura (NIPS, President of FAOPS2019); Prof. Ryoichi Nagatomi (Tohoku Univ., chairperson of JSPFSM negotiations committee); Prof. Ignacio Torres-Aleman (Cajal Institute); Prof. Michael Yassa (UC-Irvine); Prof. Zsolt Radak (Univ. of Phys. Edu. Hungary); Prof. Yu-Min Kuo (NCKU); Prof. Joon-Yong Cho (Korea National Univ.); Prof. Hideaki Soya (Univ. of Tsukuba). Underlined names will be main presenters.
    Our present plan is to schedule the Satellite on Sep.18 (Wed)-19 (Thu) at Tsukuba City (International Congress Center EPOCHAL TSUKUBA; This is just before the IBRO conference at Taegu and the annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine (JSPFSM). The date is very convenient for those attending the IBRO conference, and we can use conference rooms in the same Congress Center. To encourage young researcher to attend the satellite, young investigator travel awards will be available.