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Application is closed.
  • Deadline for Application Submission 28 February, 2019
  • Deadline for Payment 30 March, 2019

Participants who wish to host a side meeting or a workshop are invited to fill out the application form below.
We encourage you to submit your request as early as possible considering the number of rooms is limited.
Please note that all side meeting/workshop participants should be registered.

Payment Guidelines:

  1. Invoice will be issued upon receipt of application
  2. Confirmation of room reservation will be made when payment is confirmed
Exploring multimodal mammalian neuronal data using the Allen Brain Atlas tools and resources (hosted by Allen Institute for Brain Science)
  • Organizer NameKaitlyn Casimo
  • Organizer AffiliationAllen Institute for Brain Science
  • Organizer CountryUnited States
  • Organizer E-mail
  • Host OrganizationAllen Institute for Brain Science
  • Event TypeWorkshop
  • Event NameExploring multimodal mammalian neuronal data using the Allen Brain Atlas tools and resources
  • Day/Time2019/09/22, 9am-12pm
  • Place EXCO Convention Center Room 314
  • How to attend? Open, registration recommended (
  • No. of Participants100
  • DescriptionThe Allen Institute for Brain Science will host a workshop on navigating multimodal datasets characterizing the mammalian brain. This will include live demonstrations and a discussion of applications of the open accessible tools hosted on Types of data will include transcriptomic (RNA-Seq), morphological, and electrophysiological data from thousands of neurons from both human and mouse. These data showcase the diversity and functional complexity of cell types in the mammalian brain. Allen Institute scientists will also review use and applications for accompanying analysis tools. Please visit for the full agenda and to register.
Round-table discussion with speakers from each of the five IBRO regions “Diversity: Regions specific challenges and solutions”(hosted by Young IBRO Committee and ALBA networking)
  • Organizer NameZeljka Krsnik, Young IBRO Committee, Chair and ALBA networking, Steering Committee Member
  • Organizer AffiliationYoung IBRO
  • Organizer E-mail
  • Host OrganizationYoung IBRO Committee and ALBA networking
  • TopicRound-table discussion with speakers from each of the five IBRO regions “Diversity: Regions specific challenges and solutions”
  • Event Name“Diversity: Regions specific challenges and solutions”
  • Day/Time2019/09/22, 15:00-16:00
  • Place EXCO Convention Center Room 322
  • No. of Participants100
  • Description15:00-15:10: Introduction by Zeljka Krsnik, Chair of the Young IBRO Committee & member of the ALBA Steering Committee

    15:10-16:00: Round-table discussion with speakers from each of the five IBRO regions

    Diversity: Regions specific challenges and solutions
    Facilitator and keynote speaker: Tracy L. Bale, University of Maryland, USA
    Africa: Fleur Howells, University of Cape Town, South Africa
    Asia/Pacific: Jinju Han, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
    Europe: Anne Beyeler, University of Bordeaux and INSERM, France
    Latin America: Amaicha Depino, Young IBRO Committee member, Argentina
    US/Canada: Aparna Suvrathan, Young IBRO and Alba Steering Committee member, Canada

    The idea is to:
    1. determine region-specific challenges in maintaining diversity and combating bias,
    2. identify solutions that have been implemented or are in the process of being implemented,
    3. enable regions to learn from the success-stories as well as mistakes that others have made so that the community can assist each other to move forward as a global initiative,
    4. provide a forum for participation, with the speakers/chairperson moderating the discussion.

    16:00: Casual networking (coffee, drinks and snacks will be provided)
How a journal handles your paper (hosted by Neuroscience, the IBRO Journal)
  • Organizer NameJuan Lerma
  • Organizer AffiliationInstituto de Neurociencias CSIC-UMH
  • Organizer CountrySpain
  • Organizer
  • Host OrganizationNeuroscience, the IBRO Journal.
  • TopicHow a journal handles your paper
  • Event TypeWorkshop
  • Event NameHow a journal handles your paper
  • Day/Time2019/09/22, 12:00-14:00
  • Place EXCO Convention Center Room #320
  • How to attend? Open to all delegates
  • No. of Participants100-150
  • DescriptionThe most important skill a scientist needs, after the skills needed to execute a study, is the ability to report their scientific endeavours in the written form. Indeed, there is no point in conducting research if one cannot articulate new scientific knowledge. The aim of this workshop, presented by the editors of three international neuroscience journals, is to inform on what happens to a paper once the ‘submit’ button is pressed. We will discuss what editors consider when deciding whether to review a paper, what we expect from reviewers, the importance of contributing to the peer review process, and ethical and reproducibility issues around publishing scientific papers.


    Juan Lerma (Instituto de Neurociencias CSIC-UMH, Spain; Editor-in-Chief of Neuroscience)

    Marina Picciotto (Yale University School of Medicine, USA; Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Neuroscience)

    J Paul Bolam (University of Oxford, UK; co-Editor-in-Chief of European Journal of Neuroscience)

    PD: Food and beverages will be available