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The Global Gender Equality Imperative in STEM Education

Featured Speaker: Dr. Mmantstetsa Marope, Director of IBE-UNESCO

IBE-UNESCO and WISET will hold a luncheon session on Saturday, 21 September 2019, on the importance of gender equality in STEM education. Challenges and opportunities on how to reduce current imbalances and underrepresentation of women and girls will be presented and critically discussed.

High Level Dialogue on Neuroscience and the Future of Education & Learning

IBE-UNESCO and IBRO will co-convene a high level dialogue on the role of credible neuroscientific knowledge in the future of education and learning, and its potential to intensify the impact of efforts to address the current global learning crisis. The dialogue will be held on Monday, 23 September 2019. It will bring together renown neuroscience researchers and high level education policymakers and their senior experts who focus specifically on teaching and learning as indispensable curriculum implementation processes.